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PmwContribD Contributed Tk Mega-Widgets

This library consists of several Pmw-based Tkinter widgets including a ProgressMeter, basic TreeNavigator and a GUI application framework for creating simple GUI apps quickly.

See the home page for more details about the package contents.

See the Pmw site for more details about Pmw.


Download the latest version of PmwContribD from SourceForge .

Thanks to <A href=""> <IMG src="" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="SourceForge Logo"></A> for hosting PmwContribD development.


The complete documentation for all files and classes is below. This section gives a higher level description of a few components of PmwContribD to get you started.

Support Classes

Not all of the classes in the library are GUI components.


A class for managing user preferences in a preferences file.


An extensive, but simple, GUI application framework. Many of the powerful Tk features are available directly as methods. Many Pmw or PmwContribD widgets are available automatically (for instance PrefsDialog and HelpTree). Remove the drudge-work of creating a Tk application by subclassing GuiAppD and filling in the blanks.



The PrefsDialog automatically builds a GUI to let the user edit preferences managed by a UserPrefs class. Look at the Whacky Chat client sample application to see how this is used.


The FontChooserDialog provides a UI for interactively changing a Tk font specification. The user sees a preview of the font they are selecting.


The TagAttributeChooserDialog extends the FontChooserDialog and adds a tab for editing the extra attributes available for tag faces in the Tk Text widget.


Typical dialog for showing a ProgressBar or ProgressDial.



A scrolled list with multiple columns. Supports various selection modes. Display and selection values are sequences of tuples (no formatting or parsing!).

TreeNavigator or TreeExplorer

Simple widgets to display and manipulate tree data structures.


A wrapper for shell commands that allows the face for each command output line to be selected based on a regular expression.


PmwContribD now uses the Distutils installation system. To install the package, run:

    % python install

with the appropriate priviledges.

Table of Contents

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