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WhackyChat Client To Do List


  • What happens when a user logs off, but is included in a chat room?

    • messages should no longer be sent to that user

    • should app notify each window?


  • n/a

Main Window

  • add column to list count of held messages (or just flag)

  • better list interface on main window (Table? or tree?)

  • Record the geometry of the main window like wcc2.tcl

  • windows menu to bring up whatever window is selected

  • notification messages when specific users (buddy list) come online

  • status change time

    should be able to find out the last time a user changed their status, even if it does not show up in the main window (went offline at some particular time)

  • provide a session log window

  • DND mode

    actually does not disturb by storing messages somewhere and showing a counter or some other indicator

Help manual

  • preference dialog help

Chat windows

  • Have separate appearance preferences for self vs. other users.

  • save a chat session to a file

  • menu bar?

  • add user needs to only show online users

  • allow marked up text to be entered

    • HTML

    • StructuredText?

Support modules

  • preference database needs to be win32 and mac enabled

  • file preference type

  • preference groups

  • apply button on preference dialog

  • font spec preference type

    • basic params

      • font

      • size

      • weight

    • advanced params

      • relief

      • foreground

      • background

      • margins

      • border width

Table of Contents

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